Sea Food

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Sea Food

The processing sector of the seafood industry converts the whole fish or shellfish harvested by fishermen or produced by aquaculture operations into the products that are sold at retail stores or restaurants.

Some of the Challenges Faced by the Industry

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics
  • Spoilage
  • Price fluctuations
  • Seafood logistics between farms with the primary and secondary processing facilities
  • Rigid rules and regulations

How we solve these challenges

  • nfiBiz Food ERP features like Fulfillment dashboard and Demand Forecast is the answer for Supply and Demand challenges in the sector.
  • InfiBiz Food ERP sends out Alerts on product spoilage
  • InfiBiz brings in intelligent pricing system
  • InfiBiz fleet module provides complete fleet tracking with route optimization and distance calculation.
  • InfiBiz Quality Control Module is here to handle any regulation changes in the sector.
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