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Fresh Produce

The Fresh Produce industry is a rapidly-growing market partially dependent on both local and international economic development. The percentage of consumers eating less meat is steadily increasing and that’s a definite positive result for the Fresh Produce sector as this implies a transition towards vegetable proteins. Making the Fresh Produce industry a consistently growing sector.

Some of the Challenges Faced by the Industry

  • Optimize the fresh food supply chain operations to reduce waste.
  • Provide true transparency and supply chain visibility for food safety and authenticity.
  • Improve operational efficiency, labor and asset utilization and reduce costs.
  • Promote food and environmental sustainability.
  • Increase brand loyalty and create competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How we solve these challenges

  • InfiBiz Food ERP provides end to end supply chain from procuring fresh Produce from Farmer, to pick up of products at warehouse, conversion of fresh produce to finished goods and then distributing the finished goods to retailers.
  • InfiBiz Food ERP tracks wastage during processing process and also records the spoilage.
  • InfiBiz brings in intelligent pricing system
  • InfiBiz fleet module provides complete fleet tracking with route optimization and distance calculation.
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